Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
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Friday, September 12, 2014

Survivor - A Story ~ Guest Post

Dear World,

It's me. Well. Not really. You don't know me. To some I'm a clump of cells, or to others I'm a living being from conception. You've yet to meet me, but I'm a baby growing inside my mommy. I'm supposed to be born in a few months, but there's a word she's using.


She says it with a pained voice, but at the same time, it's disgust. Disgust towards me or the abortion? Doesn't she want me? I'm a girl! I want to wear dresses, run through the yard and tackle my daddy when he comes home from work, and pick wild flowers for you, mommy.

I keep growing, and I'm moving too. I feel mommy's hand next to me and she sings to me. I can hear her and daddy's laugh. They sound happy for me to arrive. But why does this abortion keep coming up? Don't they want me?
I just want to see their faces...

Won't you keep me?



Dear World,

My name is Adella. I'm sixteen years old and am a survivor. Of cancer? No. Of abuse? No. Of a physical disorder? No.

I am a survivor of Roe vs. Wade. My parents were faced with the decision of "If you have an unplanned pregnancy, you can rid yourself of it! Just come on in to a Planned Parenthood and we can take care of it for you!" because I was that unplanned pregnancy.

Ever since 1973 when abortion became legal, every child born from then to now is a survivor. My mother and my best friend's mother had complete access to have one of these abortions. My team mate's mothers, or my class mate's mothers had this same access. But we're here, and what a beautiful thing is it to be able to see my best friend, hear her voice, and to see my friends...But something is amiss.

Each day, over one hundred thousand abortions happen in the world. That's one hundred thousand children that don't get to be doctors, nurses, animal trainers, parents, Olympic athletes... Today's society is more focused on animals; animal rescue, animal abuse, the horrors of BLM round-ups, and so much more...Why can't the unborn be that focus? Maybe if would use that enthusiasm towards the unborn, we could save millions.

"Save the dogs, kill the human babies."
"Save the whales, kill the human babies."
"Stop inhumane animal handling, kill the human babies."

A dear friend once told me:
"As humans are given stewardship over the earth, we have a responsibility to try and make sure that animals, even ones intended for meat, are healthy and in good living situations.
But we also have a larger responsibility toward humanity--our brothers and sisters."

When did the generations that are going to take over when we are through not wanted? I'm alive, and there should be so many more too. If you're forty-one or younger, congratulations because you are here.

I'm here, and I'm telling you, I am alive. Open your eyes so they can be too.

My name is Adella, and I'm a survivor of Roe vs. Wade, and the legalization of abortion.

~Mb Grasha