Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
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Story Ideas

Inspired by Samii ~

Stories Now Writing #

1# Knights in Red Coats
Daughter of Swedish missionaries to British owned Natal province, Margaretta Witt is fast becoming a society girl with one goal – to marry a rich man. When treacherous Count Eric offers a horrifying alternative to give her the money she wants, her father takes her to his mission station at Rorke’s Drift to keep her safe. But war looms on the horizon as the British governor offers the final, uncompromising ultimatum to the Zulu King…and Margaretta must learn where she truly stands on the issue of war.

A Tale of the Zulu Wars


2# Born From Death
At a time of great religious turmoil in Great Britain, where Christians are being arrested and executed daily, good and evil come face to face in two old-time foes, Peter Westcott and Abbie Thomas, both ex-cadets of the Air Training Corps. Abbie is a Christian, Peter an atheist. Battles left unresolved since Squadron days are renewed with violence, and this time Peter is determined to gain the upper hand, proving to himself and others that there is no God.

A Tale of the Air Training Corps – past, present, and future

3# Emerging From Death (Sequel)
Orphaned Mara Thomas, raised in the state orphan home, is confused by a story that her class has just read…it is called fiction, yet there is too much in it to be fictional. The name of the woman is little to go by – but the symbolic watch, left to her by her uncle who placed her in the orphanage? Unexplainable facts about her past stare her in the face…and what about the strange janitor who takes care of the military academy in which she lives? Does he, too, hold a secret to her past?

A Tale of the Future, under the State

4# The Jailer’s Daughter
Marie Geiger, daughter of the jailer who controls the Fortress de St. Pierre, holding many Huguenot prisoners, is first caught up by sympathy to minister aid to the tortured. When she meets with a remarkable Comtesse, who introduces her to her friend Jesus, her life is completely changed.

A Tale of Huguenot France

5# Zohra
In an Iraqi village terrorised by gangsters, being anything but Muslim is sure to bring their unwelcome attentions. So is being rich…and combing the two makes Zohra Sayed and her father a target for the cool-headed, sinister Ismael, who has his own secret past. When Zohra chooses to aid a fleeing Christian pastor, it brings life as the Sayeds know it down on their heads.

A Tale of the Iraqi War, 2003

6# Family
A small family of Christian Jews is caught up in the turmoil of WWII. Fleeing Germany as the Nazis close in on them, they start to walk across the continent to reach either of two countries- Great Britain or Switzerland. They are just steps in front of the German army as it sweeps across Europe, crushing all in its way.

A Tale of WWII and the Holocaust

7# Ellen
A little girl in Puritan England under Cromwell’s protectorate has no idea of the mystery that surrounds her past until her father is chosen by Cromwell to bear the gift of £2,000 to the persecuted, suffering Waldensians in Piedmont.

A Tale of Commonwealth England

8# Macbeth
Shakespeare’s play written out and wrapped in imagination; with Scriptural touches.

A Tale of 10th Century Scotland

9# He Visits the Sins (For Older Women/Girls)
Shirley Johnson has just married a man that she hates. The man she loves has made her pregnant, and then left her to face the results of her sin. He has married another woman. The baby boy that is born to Shirley grows up to suffer the consequences, when he falls in love with his half-sister.

A Tale of modern Britain

10# Little Shepherdess
Sophie, a poor Shepherdess, learns the real meaning of Psalm 23. She also learns what really matters when proposed to by two Christian men, one rich, but arrogant and hard, the other poor, but compassionate and gentle.

A Tale of the Welsh Revival

11# Lydia
Beginning in 33 A.D., a Jewish woman is sold by her master who is angry with her to the Jewish leaders to be used as a tool. Sentenced by false witnesses as an adulteress, she is freed by the words of the Master, and later marries a Greek and moves with him to Thyatira, where their baby girl is born. They then move to Philippi, where they die tragically, leaving their baby. She grows up lonely, becomes a proselyte, but only finds true peace after accepting the message of a man who proclaims that the Messiah has already come.

A Tale of the times of Jesus and of Nero’s Rome

Feasible Story Ideas #

1# Secret of the Tower
Anne Boleyn, second Queen of Henry VIII, is locked up in the Tower of London under false charges of adultery. Her niece, Catherine Carey, is with her. Anne introduces Jesus into the life of her small niece, and, in the few days they are in the Tower, Catherine is able to discover what truly happened to the lost Princes of York.

A Tale of Tudor England

2# Deliverer
Young Jewess Miriam is praying constantly for a deliverer for her people. She loves her country with a passion, believing for it every promise of the Eternal. Can she do more for her beloved nation? Can God truly fulfil His promise of a deliverer – or when He comes, will He be more than their wildest dreams? And can God use the lowest of the crushed people – can He use a young girl?

A Tale of the times of Jesus

Rough Story Ideas #

1# The Deathbed of a King
Never had the butcher King feared anyone in his life, until he saw the grisly hand of Death approaching. Past crimes spring to mind – his life passes before his eyes. Is there any way he can make amends to his lovely, troubled widow? Any help he can give to his son, the young Prince? And what of his nation – the one he had no right to reign over, and yet fought to keep? Can restoration be given through the bosom of the Church – or must he meet a God he feared to face, who can give forgiveness by mercy?

A Tale of Tudor England, Henry VIII

2# Call to Arms

Young Elsa Williams tagged along to see the Squadron that her brother was to join, full of awe for all the young people who were training – as she supposed – for the Royal Air Force. To her shock and horror, the Squadron Commander convinces her to join for herself, and her parents leave her with her brother. The idea is to take care of him…but what of the Youth Club she attends? Should one really and truly stand up against taking God’s name in vain wherever you go – or is that really taking it too far?

The prayer newsletters and their responses gathered into one book.
A Tale of the Air Training Corps

3# Our Father
Little Danne is neglected by her wealthy Victorian parents, and is left to the care of her nursemaid. Under her guidance, she learns about her true and faithful Father in Heaven. As she grows up, will she obey her parents and marry into society – or will she cast all aside to follow her dream? And then there is Lord Shaftesbury, with a history so like her own…

A Tale of Victorian England

4# For Queen and Country
A young British girl, wandering to pick flowers, mosses and nuts on the hills of Wales, is captured by a rival British tribe and presented as a gift to the Queen of the Iceni. Now named Andraste, all that she can think of is to someday earn her freedom and return home. Politic waves overflow, however, and Andraste must choose between her family or her country and Queen. When her best friend Cedric is captured, can she stand true – or will she fight to save him?

A Tale of Ancient Britain

5# Bouquet of Flowers
The story of quintuplets born to a young couple. Each named after a flower, their mother prays that they will grow up to resemble their namesakes and be women of God.

6# St. Bartholomew’s Eve
Philippe, a Huguenot lad, and his Catholic Annette meet on Saint Bartholomew’s Eve.